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  • Neal Schaffer
  • Kim Musgrave
  • Lori Angalich
  • Filiberto Selvas
  • Brian Lusk
  • Lance Haun
  • Tyson Snow
  • Michael Biondo
  • Laura Bassett
  • Baochi Nguyen
  • Michael Pranikoff
  • Sheri Fink
  • Kellie Parker
  • Josh Sippola
  • Jennifer Cisney
  • John Cushman
  • Michael Hall
  • Frank Days
  • Rick Mans
  • Jeff Esposito
  • Joe Cothrel
  • Eran Barak

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Dear Fellow Customer Management Professional:

Are you tired of hearing the same empty promises about social media? Is it not time for your social media strategy to reveal its tangible, significant benefits on customer relationship management (CRM)?

There is no shortage of dialogue about the fall of the traditional call center format in favor of CRM through social media, but so rarely does the hype address the real consequences and true benefits of a revamped customer management strategy. Continued entry into social networking remains pivotal to your brand’s ongoing relevance, but without a strategy for preserving the corporate image, re-training and aligning your customer management workforce, recreating the relevant service benchmarks and identifying profit channels from within social networks, social CRM becomes nothing more than a bragging right.

In that scenario, at best, you might get to celebrate the empty achievement of having a hundred thousand fans on Facebook. At worst, your employees are ill-prepared to deal with customers in the new medium and greatly expose and undermine the integrity of your brand.

Luckily, hidden beneath all the fanfare and all the myths and misconceptions about social media’s measurability and value potential are the answers for which you are looking. Answers that can significantly improve your organization’s ability to successfully interact with current customers and forge relationships with new ones. Answers that will provide the implementable benchmarks needed to identify—and seize—opportunities for generating real profit potential and maximizing the ROI of your social CRM strategy.

Executives ready to optimize their social CRM strategies are taking a multi-dimensional approach to revitalizing customer management.

Externally, they are actively engaging their customer base to understand how the definitions of quality customer service and creative branding will change as social media evolves. They are also rethinking the benchmarks and measurements needed to forecast workflow and determine the true success of customer management endeavors.

Internally, they are looking at the compensation strategies and management hierarchies needed to spur productivity in the ever-uncertain world of social media. They are on-boarding and re-training the entire workforce to successfully represent the brand as social media ambassadors while creating an internal culture that best aligns customer management staff with the expectations of the audience.

These efforts come amid an increasing need to address customer privacy concerns and an increasing pressure to “sell” senior management on the ROI of customer management spend.

The challenges can be daunting, especially given the excess of unsupported hype and gimmicky solution provider marketing. Enter the Social Media for Customer Management Summit 2011.

Designed to give you the expert’s edge in social CRM implementation, the Social Media for Customer Management Summit 2011 will arm you with the tools to make measurable and immediate improvements to your customer management strategy. Our faculty of experts will provide proven, cutting-edge case study examples—not preachy rhetoric and guesswork—for tailoring your social CRM effort to capitalize on the opportunities you have long been promised.  These innovative thought leaders come from organizations like Kodak, McDonald's, AT&T, Thomson Reuters, Novell and SEGA, and they are sharing their insights with you in this entirely free online summit.

This 100% free and 100% online event begins April 12 and runs through May 5.

In order to accommodate your schedule, we have spread this event over the course of a month so that you may attend at your convenience.  Sessions will also be available on-demand and at no cost. Should you miss a session, you will always have an opportunity to catch up at a time that is convenient!

Be sure to secure your spot in the only online social CRM event predicated on benchmarked, big picture improvement, showing you how to prepare your customer management team to capitalize on ever-increasing opportunities in social media.

We look forward to seeing you online!

Act Now. Register Yourself - And a Team of Key People Today!

Brian Cantor
Online Community Director
Customer Management IQ

P.S.:  Did you know that many of the tools and techniques for generating marked improvement from your social CRM strategy can be achieved with virtually no upfront cost?

P.P.S.:  Let's face it…Thanks to social media, your competitors have unprecedented opportunities to market to your existing customer base. A cutting-edge social CRM strategy is the only way to overcome that looming threat and assure your customers continue to view your organization as the industry’s elite brand.

P.P.P.S.:  Join other customer management professionals, who will share their ideas, best practices and solutions throughout this event. If you want to gain the best strategies from the best of the best, keep on reading...

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Event Highlights

Secure your FREE spot in the elite online event for customer management and marketing executives looking to move beyond the hype as they seek measurable solutions for optimizing Social CRM strategy.

Overcome the myths restricting your organization’s success in social media
(Expose yourself to the inexpensive tools and techniques needed to accurately measure social CRM success as you generate true ROI)

Give your customer management team a social makeover
(Getting up to speed on Twitter is helpful, but the real value of social CRM strategy lies with how you adapt your corporate culture, call center dynamic and employee mindset to respond to the increasingly “social” customer)

Redefine the notion of quality customer service
(As customers’ media for interacting with your brand changes, so too does their expectation of successful engagement. Transform your customer interactions to assure you “speak the language” of the social consumer and address the audience in the manner it aspires to be addressed)

Ready your employees for their new roles as corporate ambassadors
(The idea of “leaving work at the office” no longer exists; as employees post on Facebook walls and comment on blog posts, they do so as representatives of your company. Leverage this ambassadorship to turn employees into free publicity machines rather than dangerous liabilities)

Turning customer complaints into positive branding
(You are kidding yourself if you don’t think the rise of social media will expose more eyeballs to negative sentiment about your corporation, but do not view that as a bad thing. If your “damage control” tactics are effective, you’ll get to show off your superior customer service to an even wider audience)

Addressing workflow uncertainty within the social universe
(Social conversations with customers are far less repetitive and certain than traditional call center engagements, but tools and strategies indeed exist for mapping social media workflow and assuring you are always prepared to meet customer needs)

Glimpse into the crystal ball as you prepare for the future of social CRM
(Like the call centers of yesterday, social CRM strategies will undoubtedly need to evolve. As you plan your social media investments, for what future trends should you be prepared?)

Eavesdrop on the closely guarded secrets of the industry's top experts
(Say NO to revamping your social media strategy on a whim—get answers and guidance via exclusive, proven case studies as you pursue those ideas that can spur profitable social CRM)

Encounter solutions custom-fitted for your industry and organizational structure
(Through in-depth conversations with widespread industry representation, this event keeps you up to date on the value-generating strategies, as well as the relevant liabilities and regulatory/privacy concerns most relevant to your specific company)

Hear all sides of the issue
(This will not be a blind social media love-fest; executive discussions will be driven by practicality and demonstrable ROI)

Ask LIVE questions and get immediate answers
(understand how the lessons of our speaking faculty can directly benefit YOUR business)

Learn at your own pace and save money
(no costly registration fee, no hassle traveling or finding hotels, no commitment to attending during limited time) --this free online event is spread and recorded over four weeks, and if you miss a session, it is easy for you to catch up when ready!

Become part of an exclusive community of customer management and social media experts who share your thirst for marked improvements in CRM strategy

And much more!  All with zero cost to you or your organization!


This event is ideal for C-level management, vice presidents, directors, managers and strategists focused on the following areas: social media, marketing, customer service, customer care, customer experience, customer retention, call centers, contact centers, customer relationship management, customer loyalty, customer engagement.


This comprehensive online summit will help you seize valuable CRM opportunities in social media by revamping all facets of your customer management effort and significantly improving your ability to engage the target audience. Presentations topics, to be delivered by battle-tested industry experts and thought leaders, include: defining the benchmarks for evaluating social CRM strategy, optimizing ROI from social media endeavors, transforming your customer experience philosophy for social interactions, mapping your current status with social media users, readying employees to become valuable corporate ambassadors, using a social CRM culture to recruit Millennial employees, overhauling your customer management hierarchy to meet the demands of social CRM, recovering from bad press and social media horror stories, implementing “cool” grassroots branding campaigns, overcoming liability and regulatory barriers to entry into social media, forecasting for social customer service workflow, determining when outsourcing social media is the right call, preparing for the future of social media and analyzing exactly how much of your budget should be consumed by social CRM.


In the comfort of your home or office! No traveling expenses or timing conflicts. This online event takes place by using your computer or laptop.


Beginning April 12 (spread over one month to improve learning and accommodate your schedule; scroll down for the full agenda). All sessions are recorded so if you can't make a particular session, don't worry, you'll have access to all 16 sessions to view at your convenience.


Social media is here to stay, and no CRM strategy will be effective if it does not recognize that reality. But knowing of social media’s necessity and being able to make the vast organizational and cultural changes needed to capitalize on its promised opportunities are very different things. Through our interactive sessions, including candid discussions and never-before-disclosed case studies, expose yourself to the tools needed to maximize your social CRM benefits. Your customers will never be more loyal, your organization never more streamlined and profitable and your management never more happy. It is win-win-win!


Simply register for this free event by clicking on any of the links throughout the page.

Let's Look at the Facts

84% of Americans are active in at least one social network – There is no more voluminous means for reaching your target audience, and your competitors know that!

25% of search results for the top brands link to user-generated content. Like it or not, your customers have taken to social media to express their feelings about your brand. Now is the time to engage these customers and assure that widespread, viral sentiment generates increased revenue and customer loyalty, not headaches.

The average person has 195 social media “friends”. Even ignoring the viral capability of social media dialogue, remember that your customers have a direct line to the ears of 200 people. In trying to establish your brand, generate business and rebound from shortcomings, where else can you find such clear influence?

Word of mouth has been deemed nearly six times more effective than television advertisement about shaping consumer opinion. How are you using this knowledge to optimize return on marketing spend and assure your television campaigns are not being nullified by ill-sentiment online?


How it Works

Is this your first online event? Don’t worry. Joining the rest of the customer management social CRM community could not be easier. Here’s how it works:

1. This online event showcases LIVE, real-time presentations.

Our entire speaker faculty will be presenting their knowledge and expertise on social CRM strategies via your computer. From the comfort of your home or office, you can listen and watch the presentations in real-time and interact with the speaker and other customer management professionals that share similar challenges. And if your schedule isn't flexible to the LIVE presentations, don't worry; you will receive ALL sessions on-demand so that you can participate at your convenience.

2. Interact with the presenters and additional social customer management professionals LIVE!

Unlike pre-recorded Webinars, this event gives you the opportunity to interact with the experts in real-time. Presentations and discussions take place the moment you log on, and if you have questions or comments while the event is taking place…just ask and you'll get a response instantly!

The virtual rooms are equipped with many features that give you the ability to participate in surveys and polls, desktop sharing, downloadable content, live chat and live Q&A, amongst many other options.

3. Networking is a key contributor to knowledge sharing...

Often times when you go to conferences, you exchange business cards with many customer management professionals. Usually the conversation stops once you pack up and head back to work. Not here! This online event not only gives you the chance to meet customer management professionals that are in the same boat as you, you'll be able to have extensive discussions, live ongoing interactivity and continuous sharing of best practices.

Don't forget to join our LinkedIn group where you can network and continue to interact with professionals like yourself. (Our LinkedIn Group is Customer Management IQ)

Take full advantage of our event-focused Twitter-based chat stream (the hash tag for this event is #scrmevent) where you can interact live with your peers while the event is taking place.

We understand that you don't have much time in your busy schedule, so we have designed this event to best accommodate your participation!  We have expanded this online event over the course of 4 weeks, with four sessions scheduled per week.

And if you can't make it, you'll have access to anything you missed! The recordings will be available for you to view at any time.


“Mission Accomplished” – When Can You Deem Your Social CRM Strategy Successful?
Neal Schaffer

Let’s face it – in this increasingly interactive, digital world, it is nearly impossible to argue against pursuing a more expansive social media presence. But the inevitability of adopting social media as a CRM tool should not eliminate the expectation of true value derivation; proper entry into the social media sphere should be as much about sizably improving customer loyalty and unlocking new business development channels as it is about avoiding the appearance of irrelevance. The issue of evaluating the success of your social media strategy thus becomes a matter of measurement:

  • What metrics should be used to define a successful social CRM strategy?
  • When should tangible benefits be realized?
  • What justifications are needed to warrant further investment of dollars and staff into the social media mix?

Session moderated by Lori Angalich, VP of Marketing, Astute Solutions


Neal Schaffer, President, Windmills Marketing


Expertly Managing the Social Customer Experience
Kim Musgrave
Lori Angalich

Shifting customer service dialogue from phone lines and complaint counters to blogs, message boards and Twitter accounts has produced more than a mere landscape change—it has entirely changed the manner in which corporations manage the customer experience. As issues evolve from open-and-shut personal complaints into global discussions that can have long-standing implications on your brand even after they are technically “resolved,” it is imperative to develop a protocol for the new age of customer engagement.

This session will arm you to parlay your proven customer management practices into the creation of an effective social customer experience.

  • Implement best practice strategies for identifying and archiving customer complaints posted within social networks
  • Efficiently allocate resources to customer issues that require personalized attention and those that can be addressed on a large scale
  • Execute a proactive customer service follow?up strategy that builds customer loyalty and keeps your team in tune to developing issues and complaints
  • Monitor fallout from unresolved customer service issues in order to proactively mitigate negative branding across the social spectrum
  • Assure properly resolved issues and customer service success stories are channeled through social media to preempt potential complaints and spur customer confidence prior to purchase

Session moderated by Lori Angalich, VP of Marketing, Astute Solutions


Kim Musgrave, Customer Satisfaction Manager, McDonald's
Lori Angalich, Vice President, Marketing, Astute Solutions


Are True Friends Followers? Pinpointing Where You Stand With Social Media Users
Filiberto Selvas

The concept of having a million “fans” and hundreds of thousands of “followers” might do wonders for ego, but it can often lead to misconceptions about the social standing of your corporation. Though having a massive social networking presents an invaluable collective of eyeballs on which to unleash new products and further brand awareness, it significantly heightens the risk of customer dissatisfaction going viral. It additionally muddles your ability to identify and track the behavior and attitude of your target audience, increasing the likelihood of misaligning your social media strategy and missing out on reaching those customers who truly carry influence.

This session will help you go beyond the friend list in locating and understanding who truly is commenting on your brand and how that customer measures a quality experience.

Filiberto Selvas, Principal, SocialCRM.net


Leveraging Blogs and Social Media to Build Brand Loyalty; Insights from Southwest Airlines
Brian Lusk

Few would argue with the conventional wisdom that beating disgruntled customers to the punch is paramount for effective social CRM—your organization undoubtedly benefits from your ability to preemptively address customer complaints and concerns via new media. But truly owning the message goes beyond a proactive effort to control outcry, and a successful social media strategy must assure that all corporate communication improves the brand and engages your target audience. As you work to improve customer engagement and drive conversions through blog updates, YouTube videos and social media statuses, join Brian Lusk, leader of Southwest Airlines' renowned, award-winning blog, in assuring the message you deliver is one that keeps your customers on your side.

Brian Lusk, Manager of Communication, Southwest Airlines


Bridging the Gap: Using Your Social CRM Strategy to Jumpstart the Recruiting Process
Lance Haun

You have undoubtedly heard the hype about millennials not wanting to work in call centers, but as you work to keep your customer service effort on the pulse, you simply must find a means of tapping into that youth contingent.  While some organizations and consultants might dwell on trying to re-brand the call center profession, your more bankable ticket to attracting the younger workforce lies in developing a cutting-edge social media strategy. By refocusing your customer management strategy to recognize social media as a pivotal avenue for engaging and influencing customers, rather than as a required bandage for staying relevant, you can establish yourself as a haven for young employees looking to navigate the blurring line between technology and human interaction.

Topics to be covered:

  • Be the customer service representative you want to hire; establish a youth, pop culture-friendly customer relationship image when representing your organization in social media
  • Assure customer management employees promote the corporate culture from within their own social networking accounts and profiles
  • Wholly evolve from the traditional call process, utilizing live chat and message board responsive systems that are more culturally appealing to prospective youth employees
Lance Haun, Community Director, ERE


Overcoming Image, Privacy and Liability Concerns in Creating an Open Dialogue with Customers
Tyson Snow

From managing how customer data is stored to dictating what your customer service team can convey publicly, the need for clear social communications protocol is paramount.  But because such risk-aversion does not always mesh with transparent customer service and grassroots social branding campaigns, it is imperative that protocol read not simply as a collection of blanket rules and policies but as an evolving code for reconciling the pivotal shift to social media with the importance of preserving the corporation’s image and commitment to intellectual property and privacy guidelines.  Tyson Snow, who merges his legal and technology backgrounds to carefully navigate the realm of corporate social media, will assess how to assure neither board skepticism nor the judicial hammer stands in the way of improving your customers’ satisfaction.

Tyson Snow, Partner, Mumford West & Snow


Extreme Makeover: Social Media Edition – Preparing For The Customer Management Transformation
Michael Biondo
Laura Bassett

Even though shortcomings within the call center system are often used as rationale for investment into social CRM techniques, dialogue rarely includes the return implications social media will have on traditional customer service.  As customer engagement efforts increasingly shift into the virtual world of social networks, the landscape of the call center must greatly change, and successful organizations are implementing strategies to minimize the impact of this transition.  From changing your recruiting effort to assuring training produces a more versatile customer management workforce, develop the tools to assure your non-social CRM does not bottleneck the organization.

Session moderated by Laura Bassett, Director of Marketing, Emerging Products and Technology, Avaya


Michael Biondo, Vice President, Customer Operations, Thumbplay
Laura Bassett, Director of Marketing, Emerging Products and Technology, Avaya


Damage Control: Recovering from a Social Media Horror Story
Baochi Nguyen

Social media advocates never relent in pointing out the value of establishing your brand’s presence, but the reverse side of the coin reveals the host of customer management challenges associated with public, open dialogue about your organization.  Disgruntled customers now have a boundless arena for expressing dissatisfaction with your brand, and while a proactive social CRM strategy might help you prevent most complaints from going viral, what happens when your team fails or, worse yet, when your company is actually in the wrong?  Social media excels in vividly portraying the good, and the bad, of your organization, and you cannot celebrate your customer management strategy until you develop an effective game plan for mitigating the harm of negative social exposure:

  • Analyze existing call center and social media data to determine demographic reaction to your product and pinpoint the “at risk” customers
  • Align your brand with existing market influencers to gain powerful advocates in curbing ill-sentiment
  • Track follow-up conversations about your products to understand how the market reacts to your customer service issues
  • Improve transparency with business production units to understand potential brand hazards before customers identify the problems
  • Develop an incentive structure to promote favorable forward-relationships with customers even if specific incidents cannot be remedied
Baochi Nguyen, Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Boingo Wireless


Making the Customer Want to Come to You
Michael Pranikoff
Sheri Fink

Social networks represent an invaluable tool for interfacing with customers and responding to complaints, but the true value of the online revolution lies in the opportunity to recast your brand as customer-friendly.  Through clever YouTube videos and grassroots Facebook and Twitter campaigns, you can establish your brand as the “cool kid” on the block, treating customers as cultural allies rather than paid patrons.  Implement a proactive social media strategy that assures customers will come knocking not because they want to expose your product’s failures but because they are confident your brand and representatives will act in their best interest:

  • Implement metrics for assessing how your core audience behaves within social media
  • Begin campaigns within those networks not occupied by your competitors to assure your message properly resonates
  • Redefine the goals of marketing, assuring customer action, rather than mere awareness, is prioritized in the success calculation
  • Involve the marketing team in the customer service process to promote synergy between the branding efforts and the first line of response
Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media, PRNewswire
Sheri Fink, Online Marketing Strategist and Author, Dreams Come True


Keeping the Customer: Building Loyalty with your Social Media Initiative, A SEGA Case Study
Kellie Parker


Social media channels grant your brand near-instantaneous access to millions within your target audience, but as your competitors share in this privilege, it is not enough to view building brand awareness as an end-goal of social media initiatives.  Introducing the audience to your brand is important, but getting them to “buy in” is paramount, and the truly-successful social media endeavors are centered around the notion of boosting customer loyalty.  From establishing a firm connection with customers by humanizing the brand to piquing audience enthusiasm through free giveaways and  lead-centric promotions, SEGA has drawn the roadmap for making social relationships valuable, and this case study will arm you with the tools do the same.

  • Design the perfectly-friendly brand by introducing your audience to the real personalities and cultures behind the organization
  • Manage the informal/formal balance to create a likable brand that still conveys a high-level of product quality and service
  • Dial social media and community management endeavors into the sales and customer service functions to turn loyalty into revenue


Kellie Parker, Community Manager and Social Media Strategist, SEGA of America


Driving Customer Management Efficiency Amid Social Media Uncertainty
Josh Sippola

Strategies for forecasting call center volume have become a paramount component of customer management, but as you pursue an expert handling of customer service issues in the vastly unpredictably and boundlessly expanding realm of social media, an evolved approach is required.  In addition to the challenge of assuring staff and resources are aligned with anticipated workflow, customer management executives must also assure their teams are constantly prepared to best convey the company culture in all customer interactions.  This session will prepare you to forecast the volume—and format—of all customer engagements in order to preserve the value of your social media effort.

  • Model for forecasting customer complaints across the multitude of social networks to assure appropriate responses can be formulated
  • Identify strategies for recognizing, and pre-empting, potentially viral customer discussions to avoid getting on the defensive
  • Implement best practices for cost management, minimizing the burden of unexpected surges in customer engagements
Josh Sippola, Talk to Qwest Team Lead, Qwest


Strengthening Brand Identity by Unlocking the Ultimate Corporate Ambassador
Jennifer Cisney

Regardless of the complexity of your social CRM strategy, the manner in which your employees represent the company externally will have significant implications on your corporation’s branding and ability to strengthen customer relationships.  Before even considering the investment of time, money and resources into costly social media solutions, it is thus imperative to connect with the ground floor of your workforce and determine how best to solicit their participation as allied ambassadors.  Exposing your brand to public scrutiny will never be risk-free, but with a strategy that incentivizes and manages employee representation, you can assure customers will see the positives of your organization:

  • Interface with human resources to determine motivators in the workforce, identifying potential "warning signs" about disgruntled workers and unfavorable policies
  • Understand the social dynamics of your workforce, including employees’ relationships with your target demographics and preferred means of social networking
  • Align corporate culture and resulting personnel management with the culture of your target audience, assuring the workforce is conditioned to share in the audience’s measurement of successful customer service
  • Develop an informal hierarchy for managing the social representation of your organization, allowing for monitoring that is pointed rather than invasive
Jennifer Cisney, Chief Blogger, Senior Social Media Manager, Eastman Kodak


The Contrarian’s Perspective – Social Media Cannot Monopolize Your Customer Management Strategy
John Cushman

One cannot dismiss the importance of social media without coming across as out of touch, but as one evaluates the true potential for value in an expansive social CRM strategy, he is certainly free to question its status as a customer management priority.  So many executives are eyeing social media as an end-all, be-all customer service revolution, but the reality might not be clear for your organization.  Our alternative perspective questions the impact a limited social CRM strategy can have on the bottom line and instead points to bigger picture operational challenges that are potentially more pivotal to your customer management excellence.

  • Retool call center training and onboarding to better embed the corporate culture and philosophy into all representatives
  • Improve workflow processes to increase opportunities for collaboration and minimize response time
  • Increase transparency between the customer service team and other business units to improve product understanding and spur better customer communication
John Cushman, Vice President, Business Marketing, AT&T


Situating Social Media as a Grassroots Tool – How Well Does it Rank for Yielding New Business?
Michael Hall
Frank Days

It is a debate for which the relevance cannot be overstated—is social media the new nucleus around which grassroots marketing strategy should be created, or is it simply a piece of the puzzle?    Most organizations are aware of the importance of using traditional and digital means for engaging customers, building brand loyalty and driving business, but those on the cutting-edge are also investigating other opportunities for using new, creative media in their marketing.  NESN, the regional sports network that covers the Boston-area Celtics, Patriots, Bruins and Red Sox, launched a pilot campaign to test the value of social media as a complement to grassroots customer outreach and brand-building tactics.  Novell, a leading software and services corporation, has employed social media as part of its greater strategy of connecting with the open source network.  Their joint successes and failures help answer the question of whether a strong social media presence is more effective as a dominant or supplemental component of your customer outreach initiatives.

Michael Hall, Director of New Media, NESN
Frank Days, Director of New and Social Media, Novell


Optimizing the Customer Experience with Internal Social Media Excellence
Rick Mans

Alongside all of the customer experience opportunities created by a taut social media strategy comes an increased burden to assure your internal customer management operation is on point. Responses are documented and widely accessible, and if you do not align your customer service with the culture and expectations of the audience, you now risk a public demonstration of your shortcomings. Luckily, the communication benefits of social media are not limited to external dealings—they can also greatly improve the internal chain of command. As you work to generate improved workflow, manage new performance benchmarks and ready a team of agents for increasingly-scrutinized multi-channel communications, reap the rewards of an optimized internal social media network that keeps your customer experience process ahead of the times and ahead of the competition.


Rick Mans, Social Media Evangelist, Capgemini


Looking to 2015 – Preparing for the Future of Customer Interaction
Jeff Esposito
Joe Cothrel

The future of social media will be one of continued demand for instant gratification, and based on a Morgan Stanley study forecasting the meteoric rise of mobile connectivity, those organizations best offering concise, real-time interfacing will stand out. As you approach this day of no wait times and no superfluous information, all with need to maximize brand exposure in the process, what steps should you be taking to remain ahead of the curve?  We kick off our final day of sessions with a Vistaprint manager who has conquered the current era of social CRM and can direct you to overcome the challenges of the future.

Jeff Esposito, Public Relations Manager, Vistaprint
Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer, Lithium


Avoiding Social Media Pitfalls - Prioritizing Long-Term Strategy Over Quick-Fix Gimmick
Eran Barak

Social CRM often receives credit for what it is not rather than what it is.  Because the idea of mapping consumer sentiment and simultaneously responding directly and universally to product concerns seems so preferable to the “old world” system of managing the customer experience from a call center, it is easy to forget that a fine line exists between a mere presence in social media and a valuable social strategy.  When engaging with a corporation via social media, customers do not simply applaud the organization for joining in the conversation.  They evaluate a variety of metrics ranging from response time to customer loyalty campaigns to conflict resolution, and if your corporation is not ready to truly meet those expectations, it will not simply disappoint its customers—it will fundamentally establish itself as out of touch with what really matters to the market.  Assure your social strategy represents a true evolution:

  • Do not get caught up in the hype - identify the true objectives, as well as the pros and cons, for incorporating social media into your organization’s CRM strategy
  • Benchmark your social media against proven stories of fantastic success and horrible failure
  • Design your social CRM strategy to best fit the medium, determining how many channels to use, whether or not to use internal staff and whether or not to own the destination
  • Drive the community to engage by targeting champions, crafting a viral message and driving social behavior

Session moderated by Laura Bassett, Director of Marketing, Emerging Products and Technology, Avaya

Eran Barak, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Community Strategy, Thomson Reuters



1. I can't make some of these sessions. Will I be able to get a copy?
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The sessions are outlined below for your convenience. Remember...if you can't make it, don't worry; you will still get access to the recording so you won't miss a thing!

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3. Will the PowerPoints be available?
All registrants will be able to view the slides on the webinar console; recordings of the sessions, featuring the slides, will be made available shortly after the live sessions.  PDF versions of slides will also be made available for personal reference.

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The event is located from the comforts of your home or office. No hassle of travel or accommodation expenses.

6. How long is each session?

Each session is 1 hour in length. There will be a 15 minute break between each session that will give you the chance to network with those in your session and ask the presenter questions.

7. How do you ask questions during the sessions?

For LIVE sessions, the speakers and attendees are set up with LIVE chat, that way the speaker can directly address any questions you may have pertaining to their presentation. For on-demand sessions, you may visit our interactive LinkedIn Group and catch up on anything you might have missed and ask questions of the speakers and your fellow peers.

What if I have technical questions or any other type of questions, who do I contact?
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Neal Schaffer

Windmills Marketing

Neal Schaffer is the creator of the Windmill Networking Blog on Social Media Strategy and is also the President of Windmills Marketing, a social media marketing strategic consultancy that has helped several companies from a variety of industries with their social media strategy creation and implementation. Neal is also an internationally recognized speaker on a variety of social media-related topics having spoken on multiple occasions in Tokyo, Japan as well as throughout the United States in cities such as Washington D.C., Portland, Jacksonville, San Francisco, and of course his native Southern California. Neal is also the author of the currently best-selling LinkedIn book on Amazon, “Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn.” His book has won three awards, including Honorable Mention for Best Non-Fiction Book of 2009, Silver Medal for Best Business Reference Book, and Bronze Medal for Best Career Book.

Speaking on: “Mission Accomplished” – When Can You Deem Your Social CRM Strategy Successful?


Kim Musgrave


Kim Musgrave joined McDonald’s as Manager of Social Media in June, 2009. Kim collaborated with Marketing, PR and Communications teams to formulate the social media strategy and customer engagement tactics for Twitter. Kim has over 20 years experience in marketing working with large brands on CRM and loyalty programs.

Speaking on: Expertly Managing the Social Customer Experience


Lori Angalich

Astute Solutions

Lori Angalich is the vice president of marketing at Astute Solutions (www.astutesolutions.com), a provider of customer service CRM, social media management and contact center solutions. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and selling business technology solutions, Lori leads the marketing strategy, social media marketing, communications, and business development efforts at Astute. Prior to Astute, Lori helped companies deploy IP communications, Web and e-commerce technology solutions at AT&T and Sterling Commerce. Lori earned an MBA in Marketing from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.

Speaking on: Expertly Managing the Social Customer Experience


Filiberto Selvas


A thought leader in the social media and overall digital spaces, Mr. Selvas has more than eight years of distinguished experience in the social media field. Key roles have included work with Microsoft, Razorfish and multiple social media startups and independent consulting endeavors. In his current position as VP of Products for Meteor Solutions, Mr. Selvas is responsible for defining and managing product vision and development for the company's Social Audience Management Suite. Filiberto Selvas' thoughts are published on the blog SocialCRM.net.

Speaking on: Are True Friends Followers? Pinpointing Where You Stand With Social Media Users


Brian Lusk

Southwest Airlines

I joined Southwest in 1995, as a Reservations Sales Agent, and then I moved to the communications group in the Executive Office. In late 1995, I was asked to be on the team that was developing Southwest’s new corporate blog. When Nuts About Southwest debuted in April 2006, it was the first domestic airline blog and one of the few blogs at the time produced by a Fortune 500 company. At about the same time as Nuts was debuting, I moved to Southwest’s Communication Department as Manager of Communication. Besides being a contributor for the blog, I moderate the comments, and work with our Blog Team. My work with the blog has been recognized by several social media experts. I was named on a list of First Generation “Social Media Pioneers” created by Online Communication Guru Jeremiah Owyang. Michael Miller interviewed me for a chapter in his Online Marketing Heroes book, and Geoff Livingston interviewed my for a case study in his book Now Is Gone. Recently, I also have become immersed into “old media” as I have started the process of tackling and organizing Southwest’s corporate archives. In addition, I am a Contributing Editor for Airways magazine, an international monthly devoted to covering commercial aviation worldwide.

Speaking on: Leveraging Blogs and Social Media to Build Brand Loyalty; Insights from Southwest Airlines


Lance Haun


Lance Haun is Community Director for ERE Media and blogger at Rehaul.com. His background includes seven years of HR experience (primarily as a recruiter, generalist and manager) and four years of social media and blogging experience in the HR/Recruiting sphere. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MSNBC.com, HR Magazine, Workforce Magazine, FastCompany, and BNET.com among others. He has also been a speaker at SHRM National Conference, Social Recruiting Summit, Social Media Plus, and many other regional HR and recruiting events.

Speaking on: Bridging the Gap: Using Your Social CRM Strategy to Jumpstart the Recruiting Process


Tyson Snow

Mumford West & Snow

Tyson B. Snow is an intellectual property and employment law litigator at Mumford West & Snow LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah. His IP litigation practice focuses on trademark and trade dress disputes, cybersquatting, copyrights, and other technology related issues, including emerging social media trends and their legal impact, particularly with respect to businesses. This practice blends nicely with his employment litigation work, which focuses on all aspects of management-side counseling, consulting, and litigation, with an emphasis on harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Tyson blogs about the intersection of Social Media and the Law at SocialMediaEsq.com.

Speaking on: Overcoming Image, Privacy and Liability Concerns in Creating an Open Dialogue with Customers


Michael Biondo


Michael Biondo is Vice President of Customer Operations at Thumbplay, a leading mobile entertainment company in the U.S. In 2009, Michael was named Customer Service Executive of the Year by the Customer Service Institute of America and also awarded a Stevie for Customer Service Leader of the Year. Michael was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of SOCAP International with other Fortune 100/500 Customer facing executives. Michael has a proven track record of building successful and award winning teams at both ESPN and AT&T.

Speaking on: Extreme Makeover: Social Media Edition – Preparing For The Customer Management Transformation


Laura Bassett


Laura Bassett is the Director of Marketing for Avaya’s Emerging Products and Technology group. The group delivers innovative business solutions from Avaya Research Labs and Advanced Software Development. In this role Laura oversees the groups go-to-market including business planning and strategy, market awareness, marketing, and sales enablement and engagement for next generation solutions. She has established Avaya’s Market Driven Innovation Model and Early Adopter Program to support the efforts of Avaya to accelerate the commercialization of innovation. Additionally, Laura is a supporting author of Avaya’s Social Media in the Contact Center for Dummies. Laura has over 18 years experience in applications consulting, development and delivery. Prior to her current role, Laura led the Contact Center Solutions team responsible for delivering end to end customer service solutions. She has a BSBA in Computer Science and an Executive MBA from the University of Florida.

Speaking on: Extreme Makeover: Social Media Edition – Preparing For The Customer Management Transformation


Baochi Nguyen

Boingo Wireless

Baochi Nguyen manages the PR and Social Media program at Boingo Wireless, a global leader in Wi-Fi hotspots. Baochi is the very definition of a social media junkie: when she’s not at her computer monitoring Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and flickr, she stays connected with not one but two devices, the iPhone4 and the Nexus One. A stint at social media rehab is in her future. But who can blame her? She thoroughly enjoys interacting with the Boingo community and getting to know the company’s superfans. Baochi holds a BA and MA from Stanford University.

Speaking on: Damage Control: Recovering from a Social Media Horror Story


Michael Pranikoff


Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media at PR Newswire, is responsible for educating PR Newswire staff and customers about the role emerging media in marketing / communications. Michael is also involved in the development of products and services for PR Newswire in the area of emerging media. Michael joined PR Newswire in 1998. He immersed himself in the technology industry in and around the Washington, D.C. area. In 2003, Michael was named the National Technology Markets Specialist, and eventually led to being named PR Newswire’s first Director of Emerging Media. Michael has been a featured speaker and moderator at events across the globe, including creating and facilitating PR Newswire’s Emerging Media Seminars since 2006. Michael is also a featured contributor to several blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. Prior to joining PR Newswire, Michael worked for MacNeil / Lehrer Productions which produces the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Michael graduated from Syracuse University.

Speaking on: Making the Customer Want to Come to You


Sheri Fink

Dreams Come True

Sheri Fink has over twelve years of online marketing experience in a variety of industries including finance, consumer products, and technology. In her former role as the head of eCommerce and Strategic Alliances at Tickets.com, Sheri launched and managed the company’s social media presence. Originally envisioned as a marketing tool, social media soon became a valuable customer service platform as well. Throughout her career, Sheri has created innovative business solutions, launched new marketing campaigns, and brought new products and partnerships to the marketplace for companies including Tickets.com, Experian, and Smarthome. She has worked to attract new customers and increase sales using social media marketing, search engine optimization, and web merchandising. Her books, Dreams Come True: Your Daily Journal for Maximum Success and Fulfillment, and, The Little Rose, an inspiring story for young readers, help inspire people to live their best lives.

Speaking on: Making the Customer Want to Come to You


Kellie Parker

SEGA of America

Kellie leads a 4 person community team for SEGA of America. Her team is responsible for creating and executing community and social media strategies to support SEGA’s games, including console titles, virtual arcade titles, and online role playing games. Her team manages forums, blogs, podcasts, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, YouTube pages, Flickr feeds, outreach to fansites, contests, and more. In her previous role, Kellie was the Online Community Manager for PCWorld.com and Macworld.com. Prior to joining PC World & Macworld, Kellie was a Senior Producer & Online Community Manager with LiveWorld, Inc. Kellie holds an MBA in Marketing (with Graduate Honors) from Regis University.

Speaking on: Keeping the Customer: Building Loyalty with your Social Media Initiative, A SEGA Case Study


Josh Sippola



Speaking on: Driving Customer Management Efficiency Amid Social Media Uncertainty


Jennifer Cisney

Eastman Kodak

Jennifer Cisney has been with Eastman Kodak for twelve years, resulting a broad knowledge of the various businesses and in depth experience with corporate website, kodak.com. Her contributions to Kodak's online experience have been inspirational photography, design expertise and creative content. She helped create and now manages the corporate blogs. After launching Kodak's social media initiatives, she oversees Kodak's presence on social media sites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr. Jennifer has been a speaker at such social media conferences as BlogWorld, BlogHer, Marketing to Women, 140 Characters Conference and The Inbound Marketing Summit. Jennifer was also recognized as one of Advertising Age's 2009 Women to Watch.

Speaking on: Strengthening Brand Identity by Unlocking the Ultimate Corporate Ambassador


John Cushman


For the past three years, John has been leading the vision, execution strategy, and day-to-day field operations for electronic sales and service, an online channel that has grown to represent more than $4B in annual revenue and $750M in productivity savings for his corporation. As Vice-President of eSales & Service, he is responsible for all aspects of B2B eCommerce for AT&T and leads a global team of almost 2000 associates with an operating budget of over $90M. Prior to this role, Mr. Cushman led AT&T’s Toll-Free Family of Services, a family of products that generated $5B in annual revenue. His responsibilities encompassed Corporate Brand Management, Product Management, Industry Relations, Federal Regulatory Affairs and 800 Number Portability Compliance. John is highly respected for his broad industry knowledge and expertise, having been interviewed for stories by The New York Times, The Boston Globe, CNBC, and National Public Radio.

Speaking on: The Contrarian’s Perspective – Social Media Cannot Monopolize Your Customer Management Strategy


Michael Hall


Michael Hall is the Director of New Media for the New England Sports Network, the sports cable channel owned by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins. He is responsible for NESN.com’s long-term strategy and for pursuing additional new media business initiatives. Under his leadership, NESN.com has become the most-visited regional sports network website in the country and the most-visited television station website in the Northeast (comScore). NESN has grown in two years from a small audience of under 30,000 to a total of 1.1 million monthly unique visitors (Quantcast). Prior to joining NESN, Hall spent three years with The Walt Disney Company in Burbank, California, most recently as a product manager with ABC.com. At ABC.com Hall managed the development of product plans and the marketing strategy for ABC.com Community. Prior to working at ABC.com Hall served as senior technical producer with ESPN.com where he was involved with search and content syndication initiatives. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in computer science.

Speaking on: Situating Social Media as a Grassroots Tool – How Well Does it Rank for Yielding New Business?


Frank Days


Mr. Days directs social media and search engine marketing programs at Novell. Prior this role, he spent over 10 years as a marketing vice president for a series of high-growth technology firms including Firstgiving.com, Experian-QAS and Ipswitch. His education includes an MBA from the MIT-Sloan School and a BA from Bowdoin College. When he is not coaching youth soccer and living out his suburban dreams, he co-hosts hosts the Marketing Agility podcast and blogs at Tangyslice.com.

Speaking on: Situating Social Media as a Grassroots Tool – How Well Does it Rank for Yielding New Business?


Rick Mans


Rick Mans works for Capgemini as a social media strategist. Nowadays he lives and loves social media, helping people and enterprises in using social media in a way that adds value for them. He also gives guest lectures at several universities to make students aware of the impact social media will have on their life in general and on enterprises in particular in the near and not so near future.

Speaking on: Optimizing the Customer Experience with Internal Social Media Excellence


Jeff Esposito


Jeff Esposito is a public relations manager at Vistaprint, a leading online provider of professional marketing products and services to micro businesses. He is responsible for the day-to-day management, development and growth of Vistaprint’s social media properties and campaigns. He is also active in a number of other communications areas for Vistaprint, including marketing communications and PR.

Speaking on: Looking to 2015 – Preparing for the Future of Customer Interaction


Joe Cothrel


In 1996, Joe conducted the first comprehensive research study into successful practices for managing online communities. Since then, he’s worked as a consultant and researcher with nearly 300 companies using online communities to create more productive relationships with customers, partners, and employees. For Lithium Technologies, Joe has played a key role in launching successful communities for large, enterprise companies such as Barnes & Noble, Comcast, Juniper Networks, Linksys, PayPal, Symantec, and many others. He has been quoted in CIO, Computerworld, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune. His work has been cited in more than 50 books on the subject of online community, collaboration, commerce, and knowledge management.

Speaking on: Looking to 2015 – Preparing for the Future of Customer Interaction


Eran Barak

Thomson Reuters

Eran Barak is the Global Head of Community Strategy for Thomson Reuters Markets, where he leads financial markets community and B2B social media initiatives. Previously he led the marketing and strategy for Thomson Reuters Collaboration Services group, focused on providing communication & collaboration services. Before joining Reuters in 2004, Eran was the Director for Corporate Development at CellGlide, a wireless telecommunication solutions provider. Prior to that Eran held various VP positions at VocalTec Communications, the VoIP industry pioneer. Eran holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and B.Sc. in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University in Israel.

Speaking on: Avoiding Social Media Pitfalls - Prioritizing Long-Term Strategy Over Quick-Fix Gimmick