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  • Eric Bryn
  • Natalie Petouhoff
  • Maya Grinberg
  • Tyler Arnold
  • Brian Cantor
  • Brent Leary
  • Craig Downing
  • Katy Keim

Three summits.  More than 5000 participants.  Presenters from the world’s most beloved brands.

It is the most successful event of its kind.

But forget everything you know about the Social Media for Customer Management Summit because you have NEVER EXPERIENCED IT LIKE THIS...

This March, for the first time ever, the globally-regarded Social Media for Customer Management Summit moves to a virtual conference platform.  It’s still freeAnd you're definitely invited!

You will still have access to the most cutting-edge, well-researched content available in any social media and customer management forum—free or paid.  You will still have the opportunity to access exclusive case studies.  You will still have the opportunity to ask questions of our star-studded speaker lineup.

But thanks to the interactivity of the virtual platform, you will now get to customize the experience for your career and business objectives.

  • Network directly with all attendees.
  • Engage in one-on-one, actionable discussion with speakers and solution providers.
  • Receive complimentary access to exclusive research reports.
  • Participate in live “demos” of the latest social media solutions.
  • Brainstorm about social media marketing with the assortment of call center, customer experience and marketing attendees.
  • Complete, free on-demand access to all sessions after the event concludes.

The virtual Social Media for Customer Management Summit replicates—and one-ups—every benefit of attending a live conference or tradeshow.

The difference?  You will conveniently access the event from your computer, you will interact with a larger and more diverse of professionals, and you will pay absolutely zero.

That is right—despite taking the Summit to the next level, we are maintaining our commitment to providing completely-free, yet unrivaled intelligence for loyal Customer Management IQ members and the new faces we welcome into our community every day!

You cannot afford to miss this!


This event is ideal for C-level management, vice presidents, directors, managers and strategists focused on the following areas: social media, marketing, customer service, customer care, customer experience, customer retention, call centers, contact centers, customer relationship management, customer loyalty, customer engagement.


This comprehensive online summit will help you seize valuable CRM opportunities in social media by revamping all facets of your customer management effort and significantly improving your ability to engage the target audience. Presentations topics, to be delivered by battle-tested industry experts and thought leaders, include: delivering meaningful customer service via social media, understanding and adapting to changing customer perceptions about social, controlling the reputational risks of social media, designing the ultimate social "customer experience" and separating fact from fiction on "social ROI."


The "virtual universe."  For the first time ever, our entire event takes place in a virtual online meeting hall that includes a presentation theater, networking lounges and booths to interact with expert solution providers.  Access, still free, is via your computer, laptop or mobile device.  All you need is a working Internet connection with flash/HTML5 capability.


March 20, beginning at 11AM ET.

And if you are unable to attend that day, fear not!  All of the content will be available "on demand."  Simply register, and you will guarantee yourself access to this unrivaled collection of material.


Organizations invested in social largely as a means of controlling their online reputations, but their tendency to deliver half-hearted, misguided customer experiences is resulting in a host of NEW brand and reputational challenges.  To overcome them, brands and their leaders need to design ROI-minded social customer experiences that respond to marketplace realities and perform admirably against benchmarks of legitimate relevance and importance.

Competitors will take advantage of lapses in the social experience, making this event a necessary tool in defending one's market positioning.

And, as a free virtual event, you get a barrier-free means of connecting directly with thousands of other professionals who have been--or still are--in your exact shoes.


Register for free now. Then, on March 20, you will receive complete instructions for logging into the virtual summit platform!


11:00 AM ET
Social Was Supposed to Save Your Brand’s Reputation, But is it Instead Ruining It?
Eric Bryn

Talk about irony.  Concern over unfiltered customer dialogue and its resulting impact on brand reputation is what drove so many organizations to social, but in many cases, their current social practices are creating more reason for customer dissatisfaction.  Responses to customer inquiries come slowly, if at all.  Live representatives are ill-equipped to handle most concerns.  And the ability to build relationships on the customer’s terms are thoroughly non-existent.

Organizations must escape this vicious status quo.  They must recognize social as a legitimate customer contact channel and serve accordingly.  They must share content that demonstrates an alignment between the offerings of the brand and the values of the customer.  They must utilize knowledge management and CRM solutions to understand customers and create social experiences that strengthen relationships.  They must make social performance—not social presence—the rubric for success.

Join us as we transform your organization from an organization that is on social into an organization that is capitalizing on social as a revolutionary means of attracting, satisfying and retaining your customers.

Eric Bryn, VP, Digital Innovation, Baird Warner


12:00 PM ET
Panel: Designing the "Social Experience"
Natalie Petouhoff
Maya Grinberg
Tyler Arnold
Brian Cantor

A breeding ground for creative marketing, social media has transformed how brands build their images—and how those images resonate with customers.  But are those chasing after the most creative or “viral” social reputation running in the right race?  Are the social trendsetters the ones truly providing “best practices” for creating an elite social customer experience?

In this panel, we look at trends in how brands connect with customers via social—and how customers consume that information. Rather than acting on hype and blind faith, participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the proven strategies for attracting, engaging and retaining customers using the increasingly important social channel.




Natalie Petouhoff, CEO, Social Business Builders
Maya Grinberg, Chief Evangelist and Social Media Manager, Wildfire, a division of Google
Tyler Arnold, Co-Founder & CEO, SimplySocial
Brian Cantor, Managing Director, Customer Management IQ


2:00 PM ET
How to Better Understand and Engage Your Social Customers
Brent Leary
Craig Downing

Your customer’s perceptions of you, and their interactions with you are undergoing fundamental changes in a market increasingly dominated by Social Media.   On Facebook, Twitter, and countless other forums, your buyers are posting their opinions about your products and services, and looking to engage with you and other consumers.  To better serve them, manage your brand, and protect market share it’s critical that the customer experience you deliver is Social Media aware.  In this session we’ll explore how to help you integrate social media insights across your customer experience lifecycle, with a focus on Social Media Analytics and Social Service.

Brent Leary, Co-Founder and Partner, CRM Essentials
Craig Downing, Director, Global Cloud Marketing, SAP


3:00 PM ET
Social Predictions for 2013—Time to Get Serious
Katy Keim

Early adopters have been crushing business metrics long enough to prove the power of social—tapping social customers for things like support call deflection and word-of-mouth marketing.  While these forward thinkers brought home $MM in benefits in 2012, the rest will have to stop experimenting and get serious if they expect to survive in 2013.

They’ll stop dabbling on large public networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and begin investing in social customer experiences that drive real business outcomes. We’ll see less tolerance for fuzzy metrics like fans and followers, more appetite for real business metrics like cost reduction and increased revenue. We’ll see more brands get out of their silos and get into social strategies that reflect customer experience goals for the entire business.

Join us and learn how 2012’s most successful social brands have raised the bar for 2013. Find out what you need to do to get serious and survive in the social customer experience age.

Katy Keim, Chief Marketing Officer, Lithium


4:30 PM ET
Demo Drive: Making Social Technology Work For You

As one of the hottest segments of the customer management market, social media has attracted widespread vendor participation.  And that brings good news and bad news.

The good news is that brilliant minds have put together affordable, cost-efficient solutions for monetizing social media, transforming it from a fun marketing diversion into a powerhouse business driver.  The bad news is that the space is crowded with superfluous, greed-driven technology of little relevance for most businesses.

CMIQ’s Demo Drive puts an end to that ambiguity.  Our vendor participants, sourced for their relevance to the topics on the agenda and the needs of the CMIQ audience, provide you with a quick, yet complete walkthrough of their offerings, enabling you to zero in on the technology pivotal to the success of your social customer management strategy.



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Eric Bryn

Baird Warner

Eric is vice president of digital innovation at Baird & Warner, one of the largest real estate firms in the U.S, owned and operated by the Baird family in Chicago since 1855. In this position, Eric has built an interactive mobile web marketing system that’s comprised of several thousand websites and microsites that are seamlessly integrated with a social CRM system available for use by Baird & Warner’s 1,400+ broker associates. Further, this system leverages several Google APIs to facilitate frictionless communication between broker associates and their clients.

Speaking on: Social Was Supposed to Save Your Brand’s Reputation, But is it Instead Ruining It?


Natalie Petouhoff

Social Business Builders

Dr. Natalie ( is a leading expert, often quoted in the press and provides commentary as a guest expert on radio and television on how the top companies provide great experiences and retain loyal customers as well as how sometimes companies completely miss the mark on providing great experiences as well as how social media is changing business as we know it.

Speaking on: Panel: Designing the "Social Experience"


Maya Grinberg

Wildfire, a division of Google

Maya Grinberg is the voice of Wildfire, a division of Google. Her specialty is educating brands and businesses about the best practices and winning strategies of social media marketing. She has organically grown Wildfire's social properties into the most engaged fan communities within the industry, with 155,000 fans on Facebook and nearly 40,000 on Twitter, and counting. Maya is the producer of Wildfire's popular monthly webinar series, which has drawn over 50,000 registrations in 2012. In addition to writing the Wildfire blog, Maya's writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, and Business2Community.

Speaking on: Panel: Designing the "Social Experience"


Tyler Arnold


Currently working on SimplySocial, where we provide large organizations with the infrastructure they need to build stories and build trust, to be successful in the social media universe. I previously co-founded a business that offers front-end web development and consulting services for advertising agencies and freelancers (Purlize/Tyler Systems). I'm a self-proclaimed geek who loves travel, learning, and mentorship. Always excited about the latest technology trends and globalization/competitiveness in the 21st century.

Speaking on: Panel: Designing the "Social Experience"


Brian Cantor

Customer Management IQ

Brian Cantor is a customer experience and marketing analyst who currently serves as the managing editor and community director of IQPC’s Customer Management IQ, an online advisory portal and publication for professionals in the space.

Speaking on: Panel: Designing the "Social Experience"


Brent Leary

CRM Essentials

Brent Leary is Co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC, a CRM consulting/advisory firm focused on small and mid-size enterprises. CRM Essentials has trained thousands of business people on the benefits and best practices of implementing CRM strategies and technologies. CRM Essentials also works with corporate enterprises and government agencies to build programs aimed at informing minority and women owned business of the importance of understanding the positive impact of CRM. Their client list includes Microsoft, and the State of Georgia.

Speaking on: How to Better Understand and Engage Your Social Customers


Craig Downing


Seasoned enterprise application marketing executive with over fifteen years’ experience in product, field and channel marketing, strategic messaging, demand generation, and bringing sophisticated and technically complex products to market through optimized sales motions. A strong “ownership” mentality and a clear bias towards sales-centric and result oriented marketing management, with a deep understanding of product positioning and marketing SaaS and on-premises applications to technical and business decision makers. Skilled in working across sales, marketing, R&D, Partners, PR/AR communities and executive audiences.

Speaking on: How to Better Understand and Engage Your Social Customers


Katy Keim


Katy Keim serves as Lithium’s Chief Marketing Officer, leading all strategic marketing activities for the company including branding, positioning, communications, go-to-market strategy, and customer acquisition programs. She holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, where she was an Austin Scholar.

Speaking on: Social Predictions for 2013—Time to Get Serious